Question: Calibration Issues with larger images

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Anmar asked on August 19, 2016 22:22
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Is anyone else having troubles with the calibration functions on the site? When attempting to calibrate a spectrum using copy calibration the graph remains greyed out and nothing happens. when trying to manually calibrate the spectrum I get the error "The tag you've applied couldn't be saved, but it's been run locally. Clear it now."



warren over 1 year ago

Hi, can you link to your spectra so we can take a look? Thanks!

Anmar over 1 year ago

This is one of them as I have been experience this for multiple uploads this week

hardeberg 9 months ago

We are having the same problem - any fixes to this?

Johnix 5 months ago

I have the same problem.

I tried on various browsers, from various locations (through VPN), though various networks, at various times of day, to no avail. I would really appreciate a pointer, or even someone saying that it works for them.

warren 5 months ago

Hi, Johnix, its possible the source image is too big. Can you tell us it's dimensions in pixels? I'm sorry youre having trouble!

Johnix 4 months ago

Hi Warren, thanks for replying. Yes, that's quite possible. The picture is 3456*4608 pixels, 1.25 MB (taken with a recent smartphone)

Johnix 4 months ago

I tried again with the same image at 1080x1440, no success.

I further reduced it to 540x720, and I was able to run my calibration. Thanks a lot for the tip!

warren 4 months ago

Super helpful. Thanks and there is an issue filed for getting it to accept larger images:

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