Question: Raspberry pi operating system for Lego spectrometer

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Aleksi12358 asked on July 09, 2018 20:24
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I am going to order raspberry pi zero w, camera and memory card with operating system installed. Which operating system I should choose Raspbian or Kodi? If it does not matter I will choose Raspbian.

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I'm using Raspian Stretch, but it shouldn't matter too much so long as there is some sort of Camera control. There are lots of instructions around for Raspian, and a tutorial provided by the supplier I used here in AU. Setting up the camera is laid out in the section here

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2 Answers

I've only used Raspbian!

Yes. Kodi is a multimedia player Operating System used to have plugged to the TV and playing films and so on. Raspbian is a full GNU/linux operating system you'll be able to use as camera and many more: server, multimedia player, trail cam... Use the Desktop Raspbian and not the Lite version.

Then you need to go to Menu >> System tools >> Raspi config and activate the camera in the second tab "Interfaces"

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