Question: How do multivariate analysis on lichen testing?

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by Ag8n | September 14, 2022 16:56 | #34962

Just curious. In the industrial lab environment, various design of experiment, and statistical analysis methods ( for example ANOVA) have been required. What multivariate analysis is suggested?


Thorough, quantitative analyses of lichen communities with regard to tree species and other tree properties were presented fifty years ago by Culberson (1955) and Hale (1955), and a few years later, Barkman (1958) published an extensive account on the topic. Associations between tree species and lichen community characteristics have since then repeatedly been reported, from tropical, temperate, and boreal forest ecosystems (Jesberger & Sheard, 1973;Degelius, 1978;Halonen et al., 1991;Arup et al., 1997;Wolseley & Aguirre-Hudson, 1997;Uliczka & Angelstam, 1999;Eversman et al., 2002;Sillett & Antoine, 2004;Mistry & Berardi, 2005; paper II). ... ... Tree age, or tree size, is another important factor for lichen diversity (Almborn, 1948;Yarranton, 1972;Jesberger & Sheard, 1973;Pedersen, 1980;Uliczka & Angelstam, 1999;Boudreault et al., 2000;Kantvilas & Jarman, 2004, paper I & II, Figure 8, 9 & 10). In conservation contexts, the importance of old trees for rare and red-listed species is often emphasized, with important consequences for management and conservation practices because it calls for old-tree retention and recruitment (e.g. ... ... Stand-level conditions that affect the tree-level lichen community can include macroclimate, topography, landscape configuration, and productivity gradients (e.g. Almborn, 1948;Hale, 1955;Adams & Risser, 1971;Jesberger & Sheard, 1973;Halonen et al., 1991;Peterson & McCune, 2001;Jovan & McCune, 2004;Werth, 2005, paper II). That such effects can override local effects was shown, for example by Oksanen (1988), who analysed data collected by Koskinen in the 1940s

Welcome @itexperts, thanks for your contribution! Would you be able to share a source or reference for this response, so others can find it if they need it? Thanks! Also, the hyperlink in that second comma seems unrelated, perhaps you could edit it?

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Thank you very much for the answer. Looks like I've got some reading to do!

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