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Question:Would using a kite messenger system help with mapping?

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by Ag8n | April 30, 2018 18:00 | #16272

Kite "messengers"are often used to carry toys ( like parachutes) to bear the top of a kite line. There, they hit a line that released the flag that blew the messenger up the line ( and in the case of toys, released them), and returned the messenger to ground.

Is there any potential use for this kind of devices for your kite projects?


Oh wow, that seems like a really interesting possibility. I wonder if there's some potential for folks that want to send up loggers to measure atmospheric conditions at different altitudes? Or maybe some people could use something like this to disperse seeds? It's a great question! Have you explored any applications for kite messengers, or have ideas you're thinking about trying out?

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Kite messengers could support a nano computer device, but for what purpose? I'm not sure. I've always liked Scott sleds as kites, not because of their lifting ability, but because you could almost always find the materials to make them.

Another interesting kite device from college was a kite "train". It was sponsored by an art department (science dept gave up on kites long ago). They used common diamond kites you find in the local grocery store, but about 100 of them. They were tied at about 50ft intervals on a thick piece of rope. It really increased the lift ability.

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