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warren "Yes - you could make a page at and tag that? I'm curious about two things - would this be appropriate for dete..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
warren "I've begun a MapKnitter map here: but it's hard to piece this one together! it's a ver..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
warren "I believe there's not yet a map-- lynn, can you give an exact location so people can start a mapknitter map and start placing images? Or would you ..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
warren "OK, update: " | Read more » about 8 years ago
warren "I just ordered one and am going to try grafting it into a bigger ball. Or i'll make it out of lego. Whatever. I'm in NYC right now, actually but di..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
warren "YES! I didn't know how to find that product, but thanks to Noah, i now know they're called Weaselballs. That's exactly what I'm thinking but I want..." | Read more » about 8 years ago