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Help requested with mapknitter- Balloon mapping of Metal processing plant in Providence, RI

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We're a neighborhood group in East Providence, RI with houses adjacent to a large construction waste grinding business. Toxic dust was filtering into our homes and yards from the plant. Many in the neighborhood suffer from respiratory and other health problems thought to be associated with the dust.

We managed ( with Toxic Action Center's help) to have the waste grinding stopped. However, the same business owner re-opened the plant without a permit -only this time as a scrap metal processing operation. The Balloon mapping that we did on March 30,2013 was to document the activity on the property after the waste grinding stopped and the unpermitted metal processing started. Still trying to get authorities to take some action or over site of the property. We'd appreciate any help to piece together the pictures which are in uploaded to Mapmill. Thanks


what has been done on this so far? I see that there have been a lot of reviews of the images, but did not find a map for them on mapknitter.

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I believe there's not yet a map-- lynn, can you give an exact location so people can start a mapknitter map and start placing images? Or would you be able to start a mapknitter map yourself?

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I've begun a MapKnitter map here:

but it's hard to piece this one together! it's a very large complex...

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