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megan "Nice! I love the water bag tests, it is really brilliant. What is the cost of the bags? If doing a large scale deployment, it seems like it would b..." | Read more » almost 10 years ago
megan "Hi Warren, thanks, I have not been in touch with them, but Sara mentioned the work they are doing I believe. Is he at Amherst? I don't understand t..." | Read more » almost 12 years ago
megan "It would be cool to leave a stationary sensor that maps H2S levels over lets say a week or month or something, then maybe we could find a time when..." | Read more » almost 12 years ago
megan "In the call the other day on the experimental design we discussed the need to tape over the canisters at the end of the experiment to prevent air c..." | Read more » almost 12 years ago
megan "You can get black pvc, called ABS, I used it in a project last year. Some places are discontinuing making it, so you can get it super cheap. " | Read more » almost 12 years ago
megan "Do you think it would work to just fix them right in the containers, if they were just cut big enough to not overlap, you could dry them in the con..." | Read more » about 12 years ago