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MicheleTobias "Thanks for posting this information! I just tried it with one of my GoPro datasets that's been giving me fits and it did really well stitching the..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
MicheleTobias "Oh good! Yeah, it's not cheaper than the KAP Clips, but the carabiners are just easier to find. " | Read more » about 11 years ago
MicheleTobias "I posted a diagram and photos of the camera rig I use here: Trash Can Rig " | Read more » over 11 years ago
MicheleTobias "I do have photos of the camera rig. I should post those. It's pretty similar to the plastic bottle rig, but it uses a plastic bathroom trashcan i..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
MicheleTobias "Wow! I'm so glad people are finding it useful. This was so much fun to do. " | Read more » almost 12 years ago
MicheleTobias "I've played a little bit with Autodesk's Photo Scene Editor. It's free (I think until August). The results of my tries with it look pretty good, ..." | Read more » about 12 years ago
MicheleTobias "I may have figured out why the images have such a reduced resolution. Some of the settings in the stitching program I used limited the size of the..." | Read more » over 12 years ago
MicheleTobias "The jury's still out on the final flying height, but I think it was about 30 meters (so really low). There is no good imagery to use to reference ..." | Read more » over 12 years ago
MicheleTobias "The picture is just a piece of the final mosaic (about 7 photos shown). The whole thing was about 20 narrowed down from the 130 or so photos taken..." | Read more » over 12 years ago