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Occupy UC Davis - Nov. 21, 2011

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Students, faculty, alumni, and the community in general gathered to voice their disapproval of the pepper spraying of non-violent protestors on campus. The photo here is unprocessed, but a stitched one will be coming soon! The photo was taken with Stewart's helium balloon using a point-and-shoot camera and a smart phone took video of the crowd. The crew: Stewart, Liz, Michele, and Alex.


Amazing work, Occupy UC Davis!

super cool and very clever. THX

imagur lists this image with upwards of 39,000 views

Wow! I'm so glad people are finding it useful. This was so much fun to do.

Fantastic and revolutionary job. Congratulations.S. Varese

This image of Occupy UC Davis is incredible. I loved zooming in to find someone occupying the tree top in the lower left corner. Stewart, Liz, Michele, and Alex--great work!

Great work. Helium balloon with a point and shot and smart phone. Love it!

Is it possible to see more photos from November 21? My sculpture students initiated the wire memorial sculpture, and I am wondering if your camera saw it? Great work, great image, thank you!

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Hi Robin, the map is now online here: the video can be found there, along with a directory of raw images

Thanks for the link.

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