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JSummers "sure, you can do it. Of course the diffraction angle will be different. It looks like the dvd has 1300 lines per mm and the grating has 1000 so t..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
JSummers " Hi Ag8n, Thanks for the comment. I am glad you are interested. We just connected the VBAT pin to the +3.3 volt bus. You did not miss any descrip..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
JSummers "Hi @ONECore and @hmx, I just posted a research note on this topic. it is here:" | Read more » about 6 years ago
JSummers "Anyone interested in this project? I am working on code to use the Toshiba TCD1304 ccd in this project. I hope to have this to a point where I c..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
JSummers "Hi @MarcioPamplona, Step one is to figure out where the absorbance shows up. By that I mean the wavelength that you need to detect. Googling "woo..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
JSummers "Hi @TUtam, I am not entirely up on this project but am somewhat familiar with Processing and am wiling to help. I downloaded the WheeTrometer GUI ..." | Read more » almost 8 years ago
JSummers "How does the file look? You should be able to open it with excel or notepad. It looks to me like it should have one row of headings followed by h..." | Read more » about 9 years ago
JSummers "Hi Abaker, You don't really run the Energia programs. What you do is load them onto the microcontroller and they will be active for as long as th..." | Read more » about 9 years ago