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Ag8n "I hate autocorrect. It's pyrolyzing, but autocorrect thought was an error and made it paralyzing. Sorry. " | Read more » 3 days ago
Ag8n "How do you plan on testing for lead? Initial testing would have to be by AA or ICP(I would guess). But if you get past that and are trying to fin..." | Read more » 3 days ago
Ag8n "Yes, I have experience. But it's old enough that it may not be helpful. A company made rubber stoppers for test tubes, drug stoppers, etc. The s..." | Read more » 3 days ago
Ag8n "Just to give an idea of what's going on, you're paralyzing a bit of the stopper. Then burning it to see the flame and flame color. It's very simi..." | Read more » 4 days ago
Ag8n "Very good work. Another possible demonstration. I worked for a pharmaceutical company. We would check the incoming stoppers to see if they had b..." | Read more » 4 days ago
Ag8n "You will need to tweak the method a little more, with volumes amounts of material added, etc. This should be viable for ammonium nitrate based ma..." | Read more » 7 days ago
Ag8n "Make sure you look for the liquid sample test ammonia kit, if interested. This is the one with a test tube and two liquids to add. The wrong kind..." | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "Re:the ammonia problem- Amazon sells api ammonia test kits for fish tanks. The cost is under $7 for 130 tests ( be suspicious of this number, thou..." | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "The usual way to solve the ammonium nitrate problem is to form a complex (that does absorb in the visible) and analyze the complex. Off the top of..." | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "Try livemeteors.com. They show a current on line plot of incoming meteors, if you are interested. They use skypipe, instead of argos. It's a good..." | Read more » 11 days ago
Ag8n "Ok guys,I'm used to commercial instruments. So these scans always throw me. First, if you are trying to compare concentration in the commercial w..." | Read more » 14 days ago
Ag8n "I use rtlsdr hardware with a pc. The software is sdr# and argo, although there are a bunch of other ones you can use. I listen to a tv station st..." | Read more » 15 days ago
Ag8n "The current web sdr receivers tune up to 30 mhz. The older receivers didn't work that way. They used a ham it up- up converter and fed the signal..." | Read more » 4 months ago
Ag8n "I read the parameters and need more information. There are places, such as the USP, that have heavy metal tests. Those heavy metal tests probably..." | Read more » 4 months ago
Ag8n "Of you are using windows, start with SDR#. It's freeware. Start by listening to air traffic control in the local area. The new versions of SDR# ..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "The emission bands would be best seen at night. And they are flame condition dependent. So you would want to monitor the flame some way. The bes..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "It depends on the type of instrument. A narrower slot is normally used in a scanning type instrument. Many instruments these days are not scanning..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "Most of what's been shown on TV has been satellite photos and local photos. For example, many photos were taken of China, as compared to a year pr..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "Sorry, that should be UAT, not UAB. Look up UAT. " | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "Ok. There are two easy aircraft tracking systems, ADSB and UAB. ADSB is commonly used on aircraft flying above 10,000 ft. UAB is more often used..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "This conversation may get a little write-up FYI. The shimmering air is probably caused by refraction. The heated air has a different RI then cold..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "I'm not an expert on the EPA. But I do have extensive experience in the medical device field. In the USP ( United States pharmacopeia), timelines ..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Ag8n "Purple air would be the best group to answer this question. If the data exists, it would help the sales of the purple air instruments. A quick lo..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "73 DE mark " | Read more » 8 months ago