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Najat 2 research notes and wiki edits

Dr. Najat A. Saliba is a Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the American University of Beirut (AUB). During her studies, her research work focused on Water Chemistry (MS, CSULB), Catalytic Processes and Reactions at Surfaces (PhD, USC) and Atmospheric Chemistry at interfaces (UCI). Saliba joined AUB in 2001 as an assistant professor and is currently a full professor at the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS). She established the Atmospheric and Analytical Laboratory (AAL) and currently directs several multidisciplinary research projects focusing on understanding local and regional atmospheric processes, identifying and quantifying toxins emitted from different tobacco delivery systems, and isolation and identification of potential cancer drugs extracted from endemic Middle Eastern plants and marine organisms. Saliba also serves as the Director of the Nature Conservation Center at AUB (AUB NCC) where she also leads several research, education and citizen science programs. Her work includes national, regional and international collaborations. At AUB, Saliba teaches analytical chemistry courses to both graduates and undergraduate students.

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