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Cartography Primer - Pamet Marsh

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Mapping the Dauphinee House


What I want to do

Write a series of research notes covering the weekend at Phats Valley Residency: the visible imagery, the Infragram imagery, site characteristics, planned development, logistics, the history, and dinner on the beach. For now, just an outline.


1848_Pamet_River_USGS_Map.tif Thanks to Eymund for an awesome map find.

The organizers of the Phats Valley Residency wanted to explore the marsh in detail through making a map of the area and foraging a hyperlocal feast.

Our attempt and results

Day 1: Kite: Cloudy, High Winds


Ann, Davey, Sam, Don & I tested the wind from the abandoned railroad bed in the middle of the marsh.



We had some setbacks. IMG_0413.JPG

This is worse than it looks. IMG_0933.JPG



Day 2: Balloon: Partly cloudy to full sun, stable winds


Questions and next steps

Day 1 was about exploring the area and getting acclimated. Day 2 was highly productive. We grabbed a lot of images, hiked around the marsh, and found tasty food.


The big red balloon brought out the curiousity of the community. We started lots of conversations on what we were doing and what might happen next in the marsh. Some talks were about the abundant oysters at the southern breach at the railroad. Others were about the plans for anticipated changes to the road crossings adding further changes to the marsh.

Oysters at the Railroad Breach

IMG_3284.JPG IMG_3347.JPG

In this location, riprap & construction material seem to provide an excellent substrate for oyster restoration. More data is needed.


Three marshes

IMG_1444.JPG A freshwater marsh to the left of the house and Pamet Marsh split by the railroad bed.

We have many maps to make.


"we have many maps to make."

I feel ya!

i 've started to make a wiki page in order to keep track of all mine. i've been taking the best 5-10 photos, then starting from there.

Stewart from public lab staff jumping and helped with a 30+ photo map, if you've any that big, ask for help!

beautiful shots!

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"this is worse than it looks" -- hahaha! indeed -- but you snatched aerial imagery awesomeness from the jaws of muddy lens malfunction defeat and captured some beautiful shots! we need to create a trudging-through-thigh-high-mud-for-hours-it's-not-over-til-the-big-balloon-pops barnstar & award it to you ...

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Hey these infrablues make really nice multispectral images. I am trying new Photoshop tricks. Below is NIR, NBN, and NDVI. You should have some awesome maps. PametNIRs2k.jpg



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Great research note! I heard about this event and have no doubt Will took on thigh high mud with ease! With the day two imagery, what's with the orange-ish color? Is that the landscape color or a camera setting or a...?

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