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Matching olive oil spectra in SpectralWorkbench

by warren | July 02, 2012 21:21 02 Jul 21:21 | #2695 | #2695

Very exciting, though definitely experimental -- while working last week at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, I managed to implement basic spectral matching, which finds the closest spectrum to any new spectral reading you take. Here's a video showing it correctly distinguishing between 2 types of olive oil:

Sadly, the just-released Chrome 20 breaks my code, so it'll be a day or two before I get this running again there. But you can definitely do this with Opera or Opera Mobile for Android.

Update: Chrome 21, just out last week, is much more reliable, and I updated the code so now it works very well! It also has a "waterfall" display which makes measurements much easier.


That is so cool Jeff! Excellent work mate.

Do you think that the RaspPi will have sufficient resources to run this as a mobile system?

The reason i ask is i am currently researching/working on hardware for an integrated system for the RaspPi.

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You should post the raw data and the experimental procedure or email it to me. I have a lot of experience with collecting optical data from a spectrometer, and I'd be happy to share some of that experience and hopefully help to refine some of your techniques.

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rsevs3 - yes, and I've been working on webcam code for the Raspberry pi and would love to collaborate:

Justin - you can find some data here:

and the matching code (very primitive, first-draft, basically RMSE) here:

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