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"That is so cool Jeff! Excellent work mate. Do you think that the RaspPi will have sufficient resources to run this as a mobile system? The reason..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"With the in browser version, i thought a huge advantage of html5 is the ability to use a website offline. For example, if it isnt already, gmail wi..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"I certainly understand what you mean and my question was more along the lines of whether the mailing list would be more suited... I dont really und..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"Those were the ones i was referring too. You are correct though that it would be hard work extracting the data manually. Not only that, but i have..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"Something interesting. If you want to try your hand at the Raspberry Pi with out the hardware there is an emulator/virtual image available. http:/..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"Given the fact that i have just heard of the raspberry pi i am not too sure. Ideally what i would like is something that can process the spectrum, ..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"I did see that post about the android version. Definitely exciting stuff. Using a Ras Pi is a lot more suited to my application though being a data..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"Something mobile is definitely a great idea. Funnily enough i was just looking at the rPi site before checking in here! A mobile spectrometer solu..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
"Matthias, Definitely keen on some more details. I have just got hold of a HD webcam that i will be testing with, but i have been thinking along th..." | Read more » about 7 years ago


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