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Waag Society: Citizen Science presentation

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I'm giving a talk this morning at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Here are my slides! I cite a number of projects from PLOTS and this afternoon we'll be doing some balloon mapping workshops.

Update: Also -- it's hard to tell from the slides without my comments, but the first several slides about "helping scientists do their science" was presented as a criticism, not a vision of how Public Lab should work. Slides 3-5 are an overview of the problems with citizen science as it's often defined.


Sweet, you designed the printable cellphone spectrometer! Where is it available from?

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Hi Jessi - I uploaded a sketchup file on the bottom of this page: but since i haven't received it from Shapeways, i kind of want to save people the $14 until we at least have some basis for making improvements. That is, the next time someone orders from Shapeways we should make improvements based on the first Shapeways print, so as soon as it arrives i'll upload photos and notes and we can iterate. At that point we can edit the Sketchup model and move forward.

If we get lucky, it'll just work, and I can just press "offer for sale" on Shapeways.

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