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Barnraising Lightning Talks

by warren | November 21, 2015 21:53 21 Nov 21:53 | #12431 | #12431

We heard a bunch of 5-minute presentations after lunch at the Barnraising today; just summarizing them here. Image above by @patcoyle, thanks!

1. 5 Small Ideas

by @warren (me!)

Tulane Delta Basin

A talk by Diana XXX on a miniature simulation of a delta using sediment and computer controlled pumps.

1000s of Gallons of Oil Beside the Mississippi River

@marlokeno on an oil train spill on Feb. 2014 in Weaver, Minnesota, described in this note

RFID tracking of oil trains

@tonyc made a proposal for using already-existing RFID train tags to track the circulation of oil trains, covered in this research note

Global Community Monitor presents bucket air grabbing

By Jessica Hendricks

Manuals for Public Space

By @matej

Barnraising MfPS

River dredge and drill

By @eustatic, on wetland degradation and silt inflow for rebuilding Louisiana's land: Eustis_publiclab_lightning_round_2015.pdf

The play spaces of publicly initiated scientific research and inquiry

By @Cindy_EXcites

More will be posted soon if folks send me their links/slides!


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