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Public Lab community growth, Dec 2010-Aug 2013

by warren | August 13, 2013 20:38 13 Aug 20:38 | #8998 | #8998

I occasionally go through our traffic tracking graphs on Google Analytics, and though this might be nice to share; we've had 366,744 people visit the site since it launched in December 2010! The lead image is a graph of that traffic, by month. The larger spikes are in April 2012 when Google announced they were republishing our balloon maps, and in September 2012 when our DIY Spectrometry Kickstarter ran and was featured on Slashdot.

Some more stats:

  • We've had visitors from 213 countries an in 206 languages
  • Daily visits are approx 1000 per day, or over 7000 per week

You can also always view site statistics here:

As of today:

  • 1377 research notes have been posted by 197 contributors since over 2 years ago
  • 554 wiki pages have been posted
  • 10475 wiki page edits have been made

Great work, everyone, we've come a long way and are growing fast!


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