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Recent updates on, Google Summer of Code

by warren | May 27, 2016 18:04 27 May 18:04 | #13150 | #13150

Hi, all - I wanted to summarize some of the recent activity by code contributors, which you may notice around the site, and also recap some of what this summer's Google Summer of Code students have tackled so far in their first week.


Thanks to all who've submitted changes in the past two weeks! They were just published to the site, including:

  • "flag" icons more consistent for navbar searches (see below)
  • new Talk pages for wiki, at new URLs (test this out!)
  • the research page now uses new styles from the new dashboard redesign

And thanks especially for the folks who posted and built out those feature requests; they were welcoming and clear, and that goes a long way towards making features and fixes easier for someone to take on. Learn how to add your own proposals and make them welcoming here.




Student Richard Meister, on the WebJack project, reports:

I spent the week with research about AFSK modems and figured out what the SoftModem library actually does. Also I've read the code of modem.js to judge if it suits our needs (it probably does not, I'll post a research note or open a separate thread later).

Student Lalith Rallabhandi, on the Rich Profiles project, reports:

Database structure was the crucial part of the application. I created a rails model for Usertag and wrote basic unit tests to get started. Next would be setup the controller and implementation of views.

Other students, please post a sentence about your progress here, and link to recent updates on Github or your own posts if you like!

Thanks, all -- and if you're interested in getting involved in software development, please see


Here is my Progress on the Expanded Q & A System Project

As mentioned in the plots2 pull request #550 I have written controller actions and views for Questions controller and wrote basic functional tests for questions and notes controller. The initial views for the question index and show page can be seen in the images in the pull request.

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A couple updates for the Rich Editor too:



Try it out yourself!

All tests (not very many yet) passing:

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