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Web Working Group Monthly Recap

by warren | April 01, 2015 15:43 01 Apr 15:43 | #11734 | #11734

Overall goals for the coming month

We've begun tracking prioritization of all Public Lab coding in this board:, where "Ready" are on deck for the next week or two, and "Priority" are requests from community or staff for important coding projects to be taken on in the coming weeks. Some of these are big projects -- like MapKnitter Annotations 2.0 -- but many are also simple bug fixes. In general, we're beginning to pivot away from MapKnitter towards Spectral Workbench and anticipate big changes in calibration, graphing, and more, especially taking advantage of the huge infrastructural work that's gone on in the past month.

Input and feedback -- not to mention testing -- from community members is essential; thanks for your help! If you'd like to bump up or request priority for a feature or bug, please feel free to leave a comment here and we'll see what we can do. For a more complete look at our planned work in the next month, check out the board in the Priority and Ready column.

The major milestones we're working on this month are:

This is also a good moment to try to recruit some more coding contributors! We provide a lot of software for free, and it's the contributions of community members which enable us to keep refining, expanding, and improving these systems! If you code, or know someone who does, consider joining the Developers discussion list, introduce yourself, and see where you can pitch in!



LOTS of work was done on MapKnitter since the MapKnitter 2.0 launch in mid-February; 1,452 files have changed since the start of March and there have been 983 lines of code changed or added. Most was to do with exporting, embedding, and tagging, along with lots of bugfixes, but the biggest change was image auto-placement with GPS tags. We also got a new logo and "look" -- as pictured above. 15 new issues were also created, however, and we have a major one with Firefox compatibility.

12 issues were closed, total -- read more in Github Pulse


Spectral Workbench is gearing up for some big changes; some of these have been delayed by ongoing MapKnitter work and some plots2 work, but this month, 4 authors pushed 42 commits to our master branch. 110 files and 2,651 lines of code changed! This was mostly cleanup and debugging, as well as some login sequence reworking, but also included moving all SW's static assets into the Rails asset pipeline, which makes development much easier and more legible, and slimmed down the project overall. It's now much easier to install the Spectral Workbench codebase!

14 issues were closed, total -- read more in Github Pulse -- and 15 new issues were opened, largely through the excellent feedback in this call for input

Plots2 ( saw quite a bit of activity as well; as in Spectral Workbench, it was ported into the Rails asset pipeline, and login sequence, menus, page sorting, and the wiki index were all improved. 2 authors pushed 41 commits to the project, 449 files and 9,996 lines of code were changed and 66,047 were deleted -- mostly in the asset pipeline reorganization. It's now much easier to install the plots2 codebase, too!

23 issues were closed, total -- read more in Github Pulse -- and 14 new issues were opened. (This number increased after, late in the day, I combed through old issues and closed a bunch. Check the Pulse to see the extras not included in the list below.)

Thanks to everyone for your contributions!


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