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Help make a post-Texas Barnraising zine to document the event

by warren , joyofsoy | March 15, 2019 17:22 15 Mar 17:22 | #18561 | #18561

UPDATE: The Barnraising zine has been completed and is available for purchase in our store, or for free download here in English and Spanish.

Hi all, and especially folks who were at the Texas Barnraising!

At the event we mentioned our plan to create a collaboratively written zine to document the ideas, discussions, and projects from the event. We've decided to start this process off with a shared Google Presentation, where we've started adding lots of photos, session topics, and notes.

Add to the Google Doc!

We've made it so anyone can add content to this draft; please do!

Click here to start editing

Add your name so we can see what everyone's added in, and don't sweat the formatting too much for now; we're going to scrap-book it for a bit to build up ideas, then we'll do some editing and design work later.

We're looking for:

  • Report-ins from sessions
  • Project ideas or summaries
  • Stories or anecdotes
  • Drawings, photos, or diagrams
  • Screenshots of social media
  • ...surprise us!


There's plenty of material to work with; we've pasted a lot into there already, including every single session idea that was on the board!

You can find photos on this post:

And notes from the event on this page:

image description


Just sharing some photos of this awesome zine as it ended up after a lot of editing and design by @joyofsoy!





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