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BostonJS talks focused on welcoming new coding contributors

by warren |

I'm speaking tonight at BostonJS, and some of the other speakers are doing really amazing talks on welcoming new contributors. Check out the event and links here, including links to the other speakers:

Great resources/sites I've found already via Gregor Martynus' talk:

Great resources via Richard Littauer:

A great event, and lots of great ideas and advice! Thanks to Christine An for inviting me!

My talk is here, although it focuses more on strategies for making it easy to contribute to community science:

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@liz and @stevie you gotta check out this great set of resources on developer outreach!!!

I used some of Gregor's material to respond to this post on the Google Summer of Code discuss list, from a student who's new to open source:!topic/google-summer-of-code-discuss/Uup7tO3wovg

Worth a look at their original post, for one perspective on what it's like to jump into open source contribution! Thanks Gregor!

Also @liz @stevie this post was really good for helping me make some of our issues easier for first-timers to jump into:

I made a bunch of them here and they're already getting some play on twitter:

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, @stevie. I actually added a section to our developers page outlining some of these suggestions (mostly from Gregor and Hoodie) to encourage non-coders to help set up issues to be welcoming to new contributors. It's an essential part of our work, and you don't have to know how to program to do it! @liz, you're already good at this:

It also encourages non-coders to help with coder outreach.

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