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Gathering rain data from weather underground

by stevie | June 09, 2017 20:02 09 Jun 20:02 | #14516 | #14516

While individuals can put up weather stations to report to weather underground, it's also a great place to go find local weather data and history. In this activity we'll walk through how to collect recent rainfall data for the New Orleans area from the Lakefront Airport station.

This is the link for the Lakefront weather station on Weather Underground: From here you can see the forecast as well as the weather history for the site. Click the tab that says "History" image description

To find historical rain data from a specific set of days, click the button "Custom" to enter your desired dates:

image description

Enter your desired dates and click "Get History":

image description

This page will show you the total amount of precipitation for that date range:

image description

If you scroll all the way down the page, it will also show you the rainfall for each individual day, note "T" means "Trace" or not a measureable amount:

image description

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This is really great! I would also recommend NOAA's Climate Data Online Tools ( to people interested in looking for historical weather data: it's way more user friendly than it used to be, and there are some cool options for visualizing data if you need something to drop into a presentation or report.

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I did this! It looks like the site has been updated. I wasn't able to do a custom search and I couldn't figure out how to sum for a specific period of time. It looks like you can only do set weekly or monthly searches.

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