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Bay Area Maker Faire!

by stevie with warren | May 14, 2018 18:06 | 489 views | 0 comments | #16349 | 489 views | 0 comments | #16349 14 May 18:06

Public Lab will be hosting a community science space at the San Francisco Maker Faire this coming weekend!

Stop by and try out Do-It-With-Others kits like papercraft and Lego spectrometers, Coqui "humming" water sensors, balloon aerial photography, spectrometers, and a variety of exploratory DIY science kits from Explorabox.

We'll also be featuring our new Community Microscope Kit. Visitors at this table will be able to help build low cost microscope kits using plastic sheets, bolts, rubber bands, and a webcam that plugs into a smartphone or laptop.

image description

On Sunday, join us for a talk on the main stage where we'll explore the connections between making and the environment, community science and how people across the world are contributing to reimagining their relationship with places they care about --- from refugee camps in Lebanon to the wetlands of Louisiana.

Join us at the Maker Faire in the community science area to create, build and think about ways you can bring science back to your community to ask and answer questions using tools and methods driven by the collaborative spirit of hundreds!


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