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Gulf Coast Spring Fling!

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Market Place for setting the schedule will be at 9:30 sharp!!

Join Public Lab for an unconference style event Saturday, March 14th, 9am-5pm at Propeller

The Gulf Coast Chapter is celebrating spring in a big way. At the Spring Fling we'll work with DIY environmental monitoring tools, host workshops, activities, food and fun! The event will be hosted in a style similar to an unconference. This means the event will be flexible and dynamic, with lots of learning and sharing.

What is an unconference style event?

Traditionally, Public Lab hosts our annual event in an unconference style. This means that the agenda of the event is set while everyone is there at the beginning. The ultimate goal of unconference style events, is that it is participant driven.

The Spring Fling will be held in a style similar to an unconference. However, there are sessions that have been booked by participants in advance, but room has been left for people to introduce sessions before the event and on the day of the event.

Have an idea of something you'd like to do?

  • A session you'd like to run?
  • An activity you'd be interested in hosting?
  • A discussion you'd like to have? email to book your slot!

Sessions that have been identified:

  • Balloon Mapping Trip (Dan B.)
  • Image sorting and Map Knitting (Stevie)
  • Oil testing (Yagiz and Stevie)
  • OpenStreetMaps Session (Matt Toupes)
  • 3D printing calibration and discussion (Dan Beavers and Jefferson Moss)
  • Environmental Storytelling (Jesse Hardman of WWNO, the Listening Post and Coastal Desk!)
  • Building a Pole for better Pole Mapping (Diana Di Leonardo)
  • Teaching STEM Science (Charlie Barnes)
  • Water Quality Workshop (Stevie)
  • Tour of the new IDIYA Maker Space.

We will also follow the guiding principles of the unconference style event:

  • Whoever comes is the right people.
  • Whenever it starts is the right time.
  • Wherever it is, is the right place.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have, be prepared to be surprised!
  • When it's over, it's over.

Download and share the flyer:


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Questions: email

This event is on 03-14-2015 iCal

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I will be attending!

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I will be attending!

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I will be attending!

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