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Image sharing:

Put your barnraising-2014 images here:

Barnraising registration is now closed. Day trippers are welcome, however lunch numbers have been set, so pack a lunch and join us for the day!


The Friday/Saturday schedule board:


What is a Public Lab Barnraising?

This is the closest thing we have to a Public Lab conference -- but with an emphasis on "doing stuff together" rather than just presenting/talking. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, Public Lab comes together to develop tools, toolkits, supporting materials such as guides and tutorials, test the tools and develop new research directions and projects. Participants represent a wide range of interests from technologists and designers to social scientists and community organizers.

2014 Barnraising

  • The theme: "From the Field to Stories of Change"
  • Location: LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA
  • Date: November 14-16, 2014, with additional events before and after.
  • Cost: $10/day, sliding scale. See Becki in person to contribute or use the PayPal button below.


If you are planning on coming (even for a day, we need lunch numbers) and you have not registered please email

List of Attendees!

Note, if you have a sad face next to your name it means you have NOT filled out the above form. Please do so!

Planning on Coming?

Here are a few things to keep in mind planning for the Barnraising.

Packing List

- The Barnraising will start on Friday morning, November 14th at 9:00AM.
- For organizers, the Summit will be held at LUMCON on Thursday. If attending, plan on staying at LUMCON Wednesday evening.
- Cocodrie, LA is just over an hour and a half from New Orleans (and the airport).

Shuttles will be available at the following times between New Orleans and Cocodrie LA:
- 7 and 9PM Wednesday Cocodrie for the Organizer's Summit,
- 7:00pm Thursday to Cocodrie if you are coming in later, I will arrange for local drivers.
- 2PM Sunday, after the Barnraising ends, back to New Orleans. This would leave time for people to catch evening flights out on Sunday after 4:00.
**We can help connect people with rides if your travel schedule ends up being outside of these times. (A number of people locally have mentioned they will have access to vehicles.)

There are several events around New Orleans after the Barnraising to keep in mind when planning your travel:

**For those who are interested in staying in New Orleans for some of these events after the Barnraising, we can help to find housing arrangements. E-mail to inquire.

Session ideas

Propose your session by writing the title, short description, how much time you expect to need, and your name under the appropriate heading.

Instructional Workshops (someone has volunteered to share their knowledge)

  • Mining social media. I've been thinking about ways to put different social media platforms to use in gathering data about different sites. How to survey, how to incorporate info, what ethics are involved with working with this kind of data. (@bronwen)
  • Data Flow and Entity Relationship Diagrams! (or possibly a skillshare with various info visualization tools) Drawing pictures can help us to track and identify the lifecycle of information in Public Lab projects. DFD's and ERD's are also great for things like brainstorming and resource mapping with others. (@bronwen)
  • Infrared Workshop: The Public Lab infrared photography tool is confusing: Single or double camera? Red or blue filter? Webcam or PowerShot? White balance or not? NDVI or false color IR? or Fiji? Bring your questions and/or your own infrared photos and we will eradicate your puzzlement. (one hour, requires projector) (@cfastie)
  • City Mapping Project: Tips, Tools and Ideas (Stevie)
  • PhotosynQ: Environmental monitoring and data analysis using the PhotosynQ platform.
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and mitigation-- Where We Breathe Platform, formaldehyde monitoring prototype, begin speculative mold monitor development, begin speculative phytoremediation house plant pot (@nshapiro).

Maker Workshops (make something useful)

  • Illustrate a monitoring activity on a poster: form small teams and make posters that illustrate how to use public lab tools? Where we get people who draw, people who know the problem, and people who know the tech together to make beautiful posters? This could be like "paper wiki pages"! (@warren) Examples:
    1. interpreting infrared images
    2. making thermal images
    3. using h2s strips
    4. using the riffle

Tool Investigations (work together to improve tools)

  • Comparing spectra of oil, pet coke, coal, and asphalt in the field and in the kitchen –Scott
  • Flame spectrometry for mercury and arsenic --scott
  • Particulate matter sensing, scanning (Mat, Stephanie from Au)
  • Data collection app creation for those w/few to no programing skills (like me!).
  • Tool upgrade paths: The community has improved on all Public Lab tools and documented the upgrades in notes, wikis, and Google Group posts. But none of these improvements is conspicuous or sanctioned by Public Lab, so finding an upgrade path is confusing. Should Public Lab describe recommended upgrade paths for its tools? (one hour) (@cfastie)
  • Sensor certification (also in the context of sensor journalism) -- Reporting back from a Creative Commons conference at NYU (which @donwblair & @lizbarry will also be attending) about certification vs. standards for sensor tools. Definitely don't have a stance on it yet, but it seems like an important conversation to tune into regardless. (@dangerbui)
  • Poles: making poles, buying poles -- survey the options

Discussions about outreach and education

  • Using Public Lab tools in the classroom, community mapping, citizen science + art
  • Talking with impacted communities about how citizen science can be implemented.
  • Getting more youth involved --grace
  • A conversation about the DIY (DIT) approach in the field: 'Inviting' vs 'engagement' & 'recruitment', and 'inciting' vs 'training' in the stories of change (@Cindy_ExCites)

Reports about past and ongoing activities

  • Sensor Journalism: Report from a Journalism Classroom in Which The Students Come Up With All the Right Questions For Storytelling With DIY Tools (@kanarinka and @donblair)
  • Present my research on mapping the Northern Gateway Pipeline and oil sands in northwestern Canada.

How Public Lab accomplishes things

  • Public Lab 101: Depending on the demographic of the attendees, it would be nice to dedicate some time, especially early on (maybe the first half of the first day) to some Public Lab 101 sessions--who we are, how we're structured, how people communicate, current projects, etc. I know there has been a request for this before since we tend to get a real mix between long time contributors and brand new people at the barnraisings.
  • What's your pitch? lightning session. How do you talk about Public Lab to people who know nothing about it?
  • Storytelling with Environmental data.
  • How do we collaborate? hybrid online / offline methods (Liz)
  • Conversation between Gulf Coast and Northeast on what kinds of advocacy strategies and tactics have worked or not
  • 3D printer opportunity: In 2013, MakerBot Industries donated ten 3D printers to Public Lab. This donation has huge potential for educational outreach, PR, and tool development, but only about half of the printers have been put to use, and most have not done much printing. These MakerBot Replicator Dual printers are very capable machines, but this model is almost three years old, and it will quickly become outdated and difficult to maintain. Should we have a conversation about ways to make the most of this opportunity? Do you have a Public Lab project that would benefit from a 3D printer? (one hour) (@cfastie)
  • Digital Security Tools and Tactics for Environmental Rights Defenders

Learn about Coastal Louisiana

  • Field Trip To Terrebonne Bay on the R/V Acadiana, 1pm-4pm, Friday, 11/14 (@geraldmc) Signup Sheet

Edit this page to help complete it!

Planning Committees

If you are attending, please sign up for one or more committees!

Foodcom:: Jen H. + Becki FOODCOM wiki page

Beercom :: (unwinding, downtime) Yagiz, Jessi, Benjamin

Gearcom :: Please add to the list any gear you plan on bringing (link to edit list)so we know what is coming, we have what we need and we're not overlapping:

If you would like to mail anything to LUMCON ahead of time, please email to arrange!

Doccom Liz + cfastie + bronwen (tweeting, documenting, reporting out to the online audience as things happen) Lots of people will be taking photos, shared articles/readings, etc. Let's aggregate them here, just edit this page and paste in the link below! Twitter hashtag #barnraising2014. Flickr tags: "publiclaboratory" and "barnraising2014". Please remember to share as Creative Commons Attribution at least. We can also host large amounts of files, just contact

@mathew and David Simpson will be setting up a TV studio for interviews and presentations. We've got two video cameras, two mics, and hookups for two computer feeds.


Travelcom Stevie head organizer

Scott can be a driver + Gerald can be a driver + [?]

Schedulecom Liz+ Stevie This COM will will collate ideas for sessions (add yours above) we will fill in the schedule together at the event in traditional unconference style!

Upcoming Barnraisings

Read more on the Barnraising Planning page

Past Barnraisings:

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