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poor focus after conversion of Ixus 40 (SD300)

by shinnen | June 13, 2018 14:33 13 Jun 14:33 | #16493 | #16493

I converted this camera (Ixus 40). It was fairly easy to do; but after reassembling I saw that it wouldn't focus. I eventually ended up adding a couple of pieces of very thin glass (where the IR blocking filter was) to get the focus back. I'm thinking of doing another camera, but would prefer to do one that will focus without further modifications. Can anyone tell me which camera(s) do not need modification after removing the IR blocker?
..... john

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It is common for focus to be poor after the internal IR cut filter is removed or replaced. To make those modifications, the plate holding the camera sensor must be removed by unscrewing a few small screws. The tightness of those screws determine the position of the sensor which is critical to focus. Unless a thick filter is installed to replace the IR cut filter, it is almost always possible to adjust those screws so the camera focuses well again. More here:


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Hi Chris, So, most cameras can be refocused that way? .. john

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It seemed to work for the eight models of PowerShot that I tried. I am not aware of other attempts to confirm this.

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Thank you both for your help. ..... john

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Thanks again for your help Chris. ... john

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I add two pieces of microscope slide cover, the same size as the IR blocker, and I now have my focus back. Thanks for your help. ...... john

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