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Bayou Sauvage test #2 protocol

by Shannon | August 02, 2012 04:32 02 Aug 04:32 | #3072 | #3072

We did the first test in June and semi-followed this protocol:

Some of the revisions for it can be found in the follow-up note that Scott wrote:

Tomorrow, we're doing test #2, a couple of changes based on results and methods from last time include:

  1. All canisters at one level
  2. 8 poles- 2 canisters per pole about 1 foot above ground (2 canisters to check that results are the same per pole as they shouldn't differ)
  3. Each pole will also have a Draeger tube attached to it for calibration purposes (
  4. labeling with permanent marker and white out rather than stickers which fell off some last time
  5. Since we have a shortage of black negative canisters, some of the canisters are wrapped in black duct tape (email me if you want to donate canisters!

These will be picked up Monday next week.


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