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H2S test experimental protocol: Bayou Savage, LA

by Shannon | June 22, 2012 15:07 22 Jun 15:07 | #2610 | #2610

For H2S test in Bayou Savage, Louisiana 6.23.12 Developed by Sara and Shannon

  • Prep of canisters- cut strips in a dark room- 1 inch in length, putting circular dot on one side of the strip- put strip into film negative canister

  • Put a dot on the top of the canister

  • aerial map of the site, take photos of the canisters as we put them out- use Rhus to map onto the balloon map

  • Need to look up Rhus software to see if it needs to go on phone. Can also make crude map detailing the three rings

  • For the canisters- how to have airflow and keep the strips dark- drill holes through tubes and then duct tape when sample is complete

  • To test whether light is making a difference or not- top off, one hole, four holes- test this on the site

  • Rings- 10 feet deep- darkening in ones that are closest- which way H2S is primarily traveling- need to check wind direction- need some in a ring that will be outliers- where there won't be H2S

  • Try a couple of different heights- do this in a line- close to the point to midway to far away

  • Need to be able to mark a map in relation to where we leave the strips- mark by hand or via photoshop and hand drill, string/ties to twist tie them to reeds or other ground markers or stick them in the ground and see if they hold

  • Bring a computer out with photoshop to take aerial images- number all of the samples

  • Leave them overnight- 2days or so

  • Seal up holes for each of the sample somehow- collect in the same order that they were put out



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Here is a paper explaining how H2S inhibits root metabolism in different marsh plants, and speculates on the possible role of H2S in "waterlogging" type marsh dieback.

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This doc is from Austrailia but has a nifty graphic on page 10.

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Balloon failure--will post video of H2S strip installation

retrieval this week (ish)

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