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Hydrogen Sulfide Dosimeter

by sara | September 11, 2011 20:54 11 Sep 20:54 | #463 | #463

There is a Hydrogen Sulfide Dosimeter available for $30.

Problems with this are that it is for one time use. I wonder if it is just a layer of silver that tarnishes?



ChemSee's H2S-KT1 contains two hydrogen sulfide dosimeters, FULL USE INSTRUCTIONS and in-lab analysis by ChemSee. Together, these two items allow for rapid, quantitative analysis of air for the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

Just mail the exposed hydrogen sulfide dosimeter(s) in a sealed envelope to:

ChemSee / Appealing Products, Inc.

6003 Chapel Hill Road, Suite #177

Raleigh, NC 27607, USA

ChemSee’s Dosimeter: Hydrogen Sulfide detects hydrogen sulfide, H2S, in the range of 0 to 5 ppm * hr. To determine the total exposure of the indicator to H2S, compare the color formed during testing to those provided on the dosimeter. Divide the ppm * hr value on the card by the total exposure time to determine the average amount of H2S is the air during the trial period.

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