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Hydrogen Sulfide Testing-glove bag

by sara | February 06, 2012 19:06 | 117 views | 3 comments | #755 | 117 views | 3 comments | #755 06 Feb 19:06

We are presently looking for sites close to providence or boston to test our hydrogen sulfide strips in a lab environment. As glove boxes are hard to come by one possibility is using a glove bag (suggested by EPA researcher affiliated with RISD EPSCOR prgram):

Inside a glove bag or box we would expose our strips to a known quantity of H2S in order to calibrate and quantify our test strips.


I seriously thought that was a picture of someone in a korean hanbok, maybe at a tea ceremony.

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Sara- there's a chance we can make cheapo glove bags by heat sealing disposable polyethylene gloves for food service into clear trashbags. -what do you think?

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