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Biobubbler session at 2015 Public Lab Barnraiser

by patcoyle | November 25, 2015 01:48 25 Nov 01:48 | #12446 | #12446

What I want to do

Report on Biobubbler session by @nshapiro, Nick Shapiro; @gretchengehrke, Gretchen Gehrke; and @danbeavers, Dan Beaver.

Our attempt and results


Wavelengths for bacterial remediation

Wolverton plant purifier





Found most of action was in root zone bacterial colonies rather then plants directly, more compact than 300 plus plants for a 1200 sq ft home

Get mixed liquor from waste water plant

Got some from a fomaldehyde plant, but may not be receptive

Re: found in nature? Nick noted a specific species that is ubiquitous in dirt

Discussed safety, potential use of 260-ish nm light

@mathew also showed kit initiative for gas monitoring tubes, different application, but inspired by.., calibrated flow, colorimetric tubes for testing (avail for variety of chemical contaminants)


Nick noted cooperative study in Rhode Island on monitoring of Lumber Liquidators, where acetone numbers were very high, also showed PL sensors/tests pretty good vs others with more expensive instruments

Questions and next steps

Explore continued application of effectiveness of these bioremediation approaches.

Why I'm interested

Powerful tool.


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