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Visible and Infragram maps of goat brush control along Arroyo Mocho creek, Livermore CA

by patcoyle | August 16, 2013 06:35 16 Aug 06:35 | #9020 | #9020

Livermore Area Parks and Recreation District (LARPD) is using goats for brush control along Arroyo Mocho creek.


Aerial view with goats visible follows (gps info indicates it is from about 120 m above the ground)


Playlist of videos follows

The aerial images were taken with a dual bottle-bottom Picavet rig and Levitation 9' Delta, flying a SX260HS and A490 with Rosco 2007 filter, both running CHDK intervalometer scripts.

The A490 with Rosco 2007 filter was white balanced by pointing to the bright blue sky. It produced the deep orange photos Chris Fastie and others have recommended. The images were post-processed with Ned Horning's PhotoMonitoringPlugin; all settings nominal. The image shown as the main one for this note was also uploaded to the Infragram web tool, with results shown below for comparison:


The maps show the effective vegetation removal with the goats and contrast between those areas and the green plants along the creek and park lawn area.




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