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mapknitter exports are very small scale, unreadable

by pataxte | May 07, 2020 17:01 07 May 17:01 | #23571 | #23571

Re #mapknitter , when I try the new cloud export function i get a teeny tiny unreadable image in both tif and jpg formats, and this is true no matter what resolution I choose, from 25 to 110 cm/pixel. Why is this occurring and what can I do to fix it? Thx


Hi @pataxte, sorry to hear you are experiencing this, i'll share with our Code Community and work to figure this out. Can you please share the link to the map you are working with?

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Thanks @liz! Yup, it is I am trying to print just the cluster of 5 overlapping images in the 'center' Suggestions much appreciated!

Hi @pataxte - your image is just so spectacularly high resolution on a cm/px basis that 25 or even 10 cm/px was too small to get a readable image. 10cm/px means each pixel represents a 10cm square. So I tried exporting with 3cm/px and then 1cm/px and was able to get decent images.

I believe you should be able to do even lower, like 0.2cm/px. That would mean that each pixel would be an unbelievable (from the perspective of satellite imaging) 2mm x 2mm 😱 🛰 🔭 🔬

Gorgeous garden map @pataxte

thanks @warren, and @liz! Looking at the image when I can see it brings up a question I posted earlier about not being able to control which layer in a #mapknitter stitched map is on top. I can't figure out how to use the keyboard shortcut you mentioned @warren - could you explain? Thank you!

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