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Repairing a kite's stick with a fiber glass safety marker

by pablo | December 18, 2012 01:17 18 Dec 01:17 | #5230 | #5230

One of the sticks of the kite was broken, so we substitute it with a fiber glass safety marker 72", like this one, that Jeff Warren had given me. It was easy to cut it with a saw, and to give its shape to make it fit in the kite. Thanks Daniel!

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Found this again!! I love this. We're going to try to start selling these as kite making materials in the store this month.

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Fiberglas tubes are a better solution for most kites and don't cost much if any more than those solid rods. http://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/Fiberglass-Tubes-and-Rods__FGTUBEROD.aspx Carbon tubes are best and cost twice as much. http://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/Pultruded-Carbon-Tubes-36__CFPULTTUBE36.aspx

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