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The Tools of Open Science, express hands-on workshop in FSCONS 2015

by pablo | November 06, 2015 02:20 06 Nov 02:20 | #12374 | #12374

I am talking this Saturday November 7th about Public Lab and doing a short hands-on training to build a camera rig out of a plastic bottle at the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit FSCONS 2015 in Göteborg, Sweden. I'll be happy to talk about the different projects that are going on in Public Lab.

We are sharing the panel and The Tools of Open Science - Workshop with Bentolab.

With Public Lab, we will be engaged in making a DIY aerial-mapping camera rig from string and plastic bottles. This small piece of work is key to attach a camera to a kite line or a ballon and then start to map the local environment.

At the same time, we will visualize DNA using Bento Lab, a portable biotech laboratory. Put on your lab gloves and grab a pipette. Using gel electrophoresis we will separate fragments on DNA by their size and make them visible with a fluorescent dye. Become a citizen bio-scientist.


Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit FSCONS exists to provide a meeting place where subjects covering society, culture and technology can be discussed and brought to lifee in peer discussions, without being confined to each particular subject area. It should provide both the physical and virtual space where people, organisations and governments, with interest in the three subject areas can meet in a participatory and constructive dialogue. The unique combination of topics creates a platform where cross-pollination between the areas can occur, and where new co-operations and thoughts can emerge which allows the participants to find new inspiration even from areas outside of their own.

Thanks to @cindy_excites for passing the invitation.

Photo: Workshop with Basurama. Madrid, 2015..


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