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Prototyping a kite for kids

by oscarbrett | July 26, 2012 15:03 26 Jul 15:03 | #2960 | #2960

Here at Beam Camp in New Hampshire Kids like to make things happen; As a staffer, I like to help kids make things happen. This past week a group of us counselors worked to develop a (lesson) plan for teaching kids how to build their own kites. Using only discarded balsa wood slats, mylar (from an emergency blanket), duct tape, string, and hot glue.

As of now kite is non functional; however, we will continue to post as project develops.

Flight I:

Flight II:

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looks like a fine kite-- it will probably need a long tail and needs to be turned around, so the frame is on the back of the sail material.

to adjust the bridle, tie a bridle loop from the crossed spars to the tail, and attach another adjustable loop to the bridle loop with either a larks head or a prusik knot. slide this adjustable loop until the kite is almost parallel to the ground but has it's nose up slightly. Then take it into the field and tweak it till it flies.

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This looks great Oscar and Beam Campers! Keep us posted!!!

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