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GSoC proposal: Leaflet Blurred Location Part 2

by mridulnagpal |

About me

Name : Mridul Nagpal

Github :


Affiliation : International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad - 500032

Location: Hyderabad, India


Project Title: Leaflet Blurred Location

Gitter: mridulnagpal

Project description

The project I will be doing this summer will be :-

Leaflet Blurred Location:

This summer we will be enhancing the present Leaflet Blurred Location library. We will first be adding a Display library name Leaflet Blurred Location Display (already exists with basic functioning We can also start connecting people on the basis of the location they enter. We can switch to other geolocation API to make it faster. Option to subscribe to specific locations as well linked with email notifications. Some brief summary points are as follows:

1. Connect people on the basis of location they enter.

2. Change geolocation API

3. Subscription to specific regions (with email notifications)

4. Add information about projects to maps like title, # of contributors, etc.

Detailed features:

1. Connect people on the basis of their location they enter - We will have some bins on the basis of precision the user enters and will have a database for all the projects happening, whenever a user enter his lat-lng using leaflet blurred location, we will cross check with our database and either create a bin or add the user to an existing bin depending on the precision, then if there are any updates on any project in that bin, we notify all the people belonging to that bin. We can also add an option to connect among other people in that region(bin), not only projects.

2. Change geolocation API - Change our currently used google geolocation API to or some other API, and explore any extra features it might provide us.

3. Subscription to specific regions - Even if a user is not in a region/bin, he/she can subscribe to that region/bin and will be added to that bin and treated like all other people in that bin.

4. Add information about projects to maps - This will include adding information about any project inside a region/bin, this information will help in creating emails to be sent to the users subscribed to the bin, thus helping them understand more about the project.

About existing leaflet blurred location:

The library already exists with many functionalities and we will be adding to those functionalities. There is a live demo for leaflet blurred location hosted live from the gh-pages branch of the github repo. I will be making changes to that repo and maintain a constant demo for all the things I implement in the library. The current live demo is hosted at . All the visual changes can be seen on the demo page and all the backend functionalities can be checked using the console. The existing repo for leaflet blurred location is present at The basic functioning of the existing library can be seen in the documentation present in the repo as well.


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@warren Can you add some things to this as well?

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I will -- i haven't opened up the call for proposals on Summer of Code but I definitely will in a week or two. Thanks, Mridul! Do see some of the thoughts I put down here:


Good to hear from you, by the way!!!


@warren I looked at the projects you posted and added some features as well, can you review the features? Thanks :)

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This is great -- @liz, what other geographic features might we add to this proposal?

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Can you also link a bit more to the Leaflet Blurred Location project and demo? Thanks!

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@warren I added information about leaflet blurred location and links as well. Also the nation problem will be resolved once we change the google API, which is there in the proposal. Also most of the other issues resolve through power tagging of maps which will be done as well. What more things can we add to this proposal?

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Hi @mridulnagpal , i have this doubt that this feature : , do we have to include in leaflet-blurred library OR do we have to make an API of near-by projects and show the markers on normal leaflet-maps and then generate an alternative-view .

The only confusion i am having is that do we have to implement these features in plot2 directly (as written in idea description) OR in leaflet-blurred-library .

Thanks so much for helping :) :) .

@sagarpreet We will have to modify both, as changing the geolocation APIs, making it more user friendly, marker security, etc. these will be done in the library itself. And the subscription and emails will be done using existing API for leaflet blurred location, integrating it to plots. @warren what do you think about it? Glad I could be of help :)

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