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spectrometer hardware with higher resolution

by mmittler | March 10, 2012 21:13 10 Mar 21:13 | #917 | #917

Hello Labbers,

i am working on a microspectrometer hardware with 16Bit resolution approx. 300-700nm & 2nm Resolution. Finally done. I am wondering if it whould be easy to get this piece of hardware engaged with the spectral workbench. Serial Port access within the Software is needed for my Hardware, it doesen't matter if plain RS232 or USB/FTDI & Some Hooks & Hints as well ;-)

Best Matthias


Wow, very cool. Any photos of your setup?

Shouldn't be hard to connect to SW - but how are you reading the data? is it a serialized set of [pixel,intensity] readings? We could make a fork of SW that can read serial data, it's not hard in processing.

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Definitely keen on some more details. I have just got hold of a HD webcam that i will be testing with, but i have been thinking along the lines of some dedicated hardware for my project.

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