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Live Build with Public Lab: Mini Kites!

by mimiss | April 21, 2020 13:16 21 Apr 13:16 | #23437 | #23437

Are you interested in building Mini Kites with Public Lab?

Join us for a live build Monday, May 4th at 1pm Central/ 2 Eastern (find out when in your local time zone here).

In this session we will walk through how to build mini Rokkaku kites together. To join the session, come prepared with the materials below and build mini indoor/outdoor kites with us! You can preview the steps for this build or get a head start here.

Link to Join

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Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Thin string, like sewing thread or a light-weight fishing wire
  • A kite tail (ribbons work well!)
  • Tape
  • A pen or marker for marking stencils on your kite sail material
  • A ruler
  • Material for the Kite Sail*
  • Material for spars**

*Kite Sail Material

You can create kites like these with a variety of materials and experimenting with the material for the kite’s sail is a great way to improve your kite. Here, I make a kite sail from tissue paper. Other materials you might try are: - Plastic bags - Printer paper - Cotton cloth - Polyester cloth

**Kite Spars

You can use whatever materials you have available to create support for your kite. It’s important that these are lightweight. I’ll use some tooth picks taped together, but plastic straws, coffee stirrers, or light sticks can be used here too.

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