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Collection and Processing of Aztec Test Strips

by megan | August 08, 2012 05:42 08 Aug 05:42 | #3193 | #3193

On 8/1 we went back out to the well sites in Aztec to collect the strips, and we found all but two!

Check out the Google Map of all the sites (I am still trying to add photos of each strip and the sites to the map)

We collected all of the strips and I brought them home to process. I waited until it got dark and processed them in an unlit room, so I just had the light of the moon. First I did a sharpie test on a piece of unused test strip. I wrote with sharpie on the back and then fixed the strip. The sharpie didn't come off, so I labeled all strips on the back with the number and it worked out fine.

I fixed the strips all in one batch for between 5-10min as directed on the fixer. Then I soaked the strips in tap water for a few minutes and rinsed.

I am posting three different sheets with results from each site and one with the offsite control.

Just a note on digitizing the images, scanning works a lot better then photos!


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