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Sidewalk & Stones

by mchao2 | March 03, 2020 06:33 03 Mar 06:33 | #22983 | #22983

Drone image file


mchao2, All that is presented here is a multicolor image and that it was taken by an [aerial] drone. The actual type of image is not provided; is it an NVDI? Is there a conventional visible light [only] image available for comparison? Why do you title the image "Sidewalk & Stones"?

Is the purpose of the image to validate your technique of image acquisition? Is the intent of the image to demonstrate a non-trivial environmental abnormality or aberrancy, or do you present it for its artistic value?

If others believe that I'm not seeing other image data or captions you provided, I would need to be so advised, as I am relatively new to this website.

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hi @lev29 and @mchao2 , thanks for your patience while we test a new feature that each Infragram upload also posts on! I suspect neither of you expected to hear from the other :) The web team is reviewing this auto-post from Infragram feature so just hang on for a bit. Thanks!

No problem, Liz, but PLEASE do tack on an ADVISORY to that effect in the future! lev29 😃

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