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MicMac, another OS photogrammetry program

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This just in from the KAP forums-- MicMac is an open source platform for generating point cloud data from images. It's an alternative to OpenCV, and appears to have been developed and mainly used in France. Here is a rough overview of a workflow for building a 3d model., a published paper on the topic.

The MicMac site could use some work, I can't find the english FAQ, but the forums seem active. Some Francophone Public Lab folks should hop in!


I managed to find an english version of the users guide. I will report back when I have some results.


Nice! I hope it goes well. I just started some experiments with the Python Photogrammetry Toolbox myself:

That documentation has an interesting note, on page 34, that MicMac can be used to calculate Orthoimages directly, without bringing it into GDAL or some other GIS software. That sounds pretty cool, and one less step compared to using SfM or other pointcloud generation software.

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