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Oil Fluorescence Testing station from a spectrometer box

by mathew | March 14, 2014 01:06 14 Mar 01:06 | #10170 | #10170

Download the cut pattern as a pdf: cutpattern.pdf

What I want to do

modify the standard desktop spectrometer box to hold the laser, spectrometer, and sample bottle in the same repeatable locations. These are the components of our alpha version sampling kit, for sale here.

My attempt and results

I cutup three boxes, and then made this pattern download a PDF






Questions and next steps

make a print-ready PDF & vector file with measurements


OMG please share more instructions on this! I"ll try it on Sunday with the crew in Brooklyn! WIll you and Jeff be skyping in? around, say 11am your time.

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PDF attached! up top

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I wasn't sure where you'd posted your later design but I wanted to test a version of it with fold over joints like on a fried clam basket. This might mean less light leakage and stronger joints...



Like these from


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