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Re-presenting preliminary Air Quality Egg data

by liz | March 19, 2013 19:28 19 Mar 19:28 | #6437 | #6437

For the first month, the Air Quality Eggs have been collecting readings every minute of basic weather data -- temperature and humidity. They are also collecting raw VOC readings, but the units and relative range of that data is not well understood at this time so we are not yet using it.

The bulk data has been crashing computers, so facilitators made a "cleaned" data file with one entry every five minutes for a single day, February 25. In a copy of that Google Spreadsheet, the youth inserted charts of temperature and humidity over the course of the single day, and a chart to compare all the eggs.

The youth then made their own visualizations (attached images), using the real data that came from the eggs. The students used ideas generated during last week's exercise where we brainstormed creative ways to present data in an engaging way.


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