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8th grade audience survey questions

by liz | March 19, 2013 17:36 19 Mar 17:36 | #6426 | #6426

Questions generated by students to ask their peers, neighbors, and family to learn what they currently think about air quality issues. The goal as set by MIT students working with Cypress Hills is to learn from this survey to design a compelling advocacy tool for communicating these issues to the community.

802 What are other ways we can measure the air quality? Do you suffer from any of these diseases or know somebody that does? How can we help protect our local wildlife by understanding air quality? Do you have any pets? How can polluted air affect your healthy life? Where do you live? Do you live in the city? Have you ever seen SMOG? How do you think you’re air quality is around your neighborhood? What do you think about air quality? Do you care about air quality? Would you help improve our air quality? How do you like to hear your news? Have you ever heard of air quality? Where have you ever heard air quality? Have you ever been affected by air quality? What is in the air we breathe? Does anyone in your family have health or respiratory problems? Do you find anything suspicious in our air? Is there a lot of traffic or factories near where you live? How is it like? Have you ever had breathing problems?

801 How much coal you use in a day? How much gas you use in a month? How can you decrease the air contamination? Do you ride your bike? Factories can use less fossil fuels? Should they make electric cars? Can the contamination expand? Can the contamination melt the ice? Do you know someone who has asthma? How does the contamination cause diseases? Do you know someone who has a car and uses it? Do you know someone that has lung cancer/ asthma? How much time you spend in your car? How many times do you drive in a day? Do you have a pet? Do you smoke? Do you care about your air? Explain? Have you ever witnessed smog?


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