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guide to identifying commonly spilled hazardous materials

by liz | October 20, 2015 19:57 20 Oct 19:57 | #12321 | #12321

"The HAZCAT Report: a system of field identifications and classifications of commonly spilled materials"


I am sharing this resource from Randy Austin, Chief, Spill Response Program, Region 2 (NY City), Division of Environmental Remediation, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

"This manual depicts the HazCat system of observations and chemical tests through a series of pictorial diagrams."


Posted here for reference only, this manual depicts procedures requiring the use of safety equipment and extra precautions for identifying unknown material spills that are inadvisable for anyone to preform themselves.



Randall Austin also referenced a book by Frank L. Fire called “ The Common Sense Approach to Hazardous Materials”

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yes, but where is the HazCat? =(^._.^)=

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you can has cat @mathew

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