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Thermal Fishing Club

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What I want to do

Connect the activity of thermal fishing with existing communities of expertise, i.e. fishermen

My attempt and results

A little bit of tech development would really go a long way. One idea is that Don and Catherine's new "Sensor in a bottle" prototype could be modified for a red and blue LED (currently it makes sounds, not colors)

Questions and next steps

@warren made some sketches for a great jacket logo. I'm hoping he'll add them below in the comments.

Why I'm interested

This could be a fun, culturally relevant way of visualizing water quality data with an existing water-focused community of practice (AKA fishermen) who have a vested interest in water quality. The event model is ready-made because people already go out fishing on their own.


@warren created a great logo, here's the PDF:


Awesome, Kaya and I have been chatting about a trip this fall up to visit you all! Let's make a plan.

I like the idea of teaming up with existing fishing groups. I'm interested in working on the sensor prototype and going on some trips!

Hi Mihow, great to hear from you! Where are you located?

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Hi! I live in Brooklyn. I found out about Public Lab though Mathew L. in Portland, OR and have wanting to get involved in NY.

have you joined our local mailing list? see That's the best way to find out about events

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Ahh thank you. I've subscribed to various tags and have been getting periodic after-it-happened emails, but the plots-nyc list looks like the golden ticket! Unfortunately I will be out of town for this weekend's GLAM event and Staten Island sneak peak mapping. But I look forward to whatever comes after that.

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