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Anyone still using the legacy editors? Speak up now!

by liz | July 14, 2020 20:30 14 Jul 20:30 | #24154 | #24154

Hi everyone,

With all the great attention going into the Editor project on PublicLab.org, we are anticipating that we may be able to turn off links to our "legacy editors" by the end of the summer --- but first we wanted to check in to see if anyone on here was still using them. Here's how to check...the links to "legacy editors" appear in two places:

* at the top of the Questions editor (https://publiclab.org/questions/new), if you click the link in the green box, you will be redirected to the legacy Questions editor: https://publiclab.org/questions/new?legacy=true.

image description

* at the top of the Research Note Editor (https://publiclab.org/post), if you click on the italicized link, you will be redirected to the legacy Notes editor: https://publiclab.org/post?&legacy=true.

image description

Next Steps

Please leave a comment here and let us know if and how you use the legacy editors. Thanks!


I believe work is underway already to remove the link to the legacy editor from /questions/new https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/issues/8146

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