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Infragrams over NYC: Leave It Better Garden

by liz | July 05, 2013 19:54 05 Jul 19:54 | #8703 | #8703

Pole aerial photography above the Leave It Better Garden

The Leave It Better Garden is located at 1970 Grand Avenue Bronx.

My attempt and results

Using the visible camera, we captured about half of the garden, and just missed the opportunity to photograph a dozen children learning about butterfly host plants. I stitched three of the photos into the leading image.

The Infragram photos of this garden came out over-exposed, and in the image below only the shadowed edges of the planter boxes can be discerned.


Questions and next steps

I am wondering how to avoid this overexposure in the future.


Regarding overexposure, If I am not mistaken, most intelligent phones have a lux-meter embedded near the frontal camera. It is used in measuring ambiant light in order to ajust display luminosity. By download the appropriate app, it is possible you could direct the lux-meter towards sample areas you wish to photograph. One of them could be chosen as a reference.

By crossing the light level measured by the lux-meter and the quality of resulting pictures, you could build a chart for best light conditions in a given area.

Also, I don't know if your camera has adjustable parameters regarding exposure, but if so, this could be taken into account in your "optimal exposure chart". I hope this can helpful :)

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